Account Executive

Houston, Texas
High-growth startup opportunity

Imubit is looking for a top-notch Account Executive to help disrupt the refining and chemical industries with breakthrough machine learning technologies.

Imubit, a Houston-based startup backed by Silicon Valley Venture Capital, has invented a new type of machine learning technology designed specifically to optimize process manufacturing plants. The company was founded by world-class machine learning scientists, globally renowned experts in process manufacturing, and serial entrepreneurs. Its clients are among the largest global energy and chemical operators.

We are looking for

You, a resourceful, creative and passionate engineer with 4-8 years of experience leveraging technology to solve problems and create value for refining and chemical processing clients. You have a good understanding of petrochemical and refining processes and are excited about transforming the way clients think about optimizing them. You believe the process industries are ripe for disruption by machine learning technology of the same caliber as Google and Facebook. You aspire to be one of the first players in a pioneering fast-growing team which builds process optimization software years ahead of its competition. You relentlessly strive to achieve great proven value for your client. You are an inspiring presenter and public speaker, thrilled to lead clients into the adoption of a game-changing technology which creates an immense measurable impact on their bottom line. You are self-motivated and love exploring various technological and scientific disciplines. You are a people-person with amazing inter-personal and operational skills, eager to prove yourself and develop into an executive role in the company. You recognize a once-in-a-career opportunity and seize it.

In this position you will:

  • Work closely with Imubit’s founders, significantly impacting Imubit’s growth.
  • Represent and communicate Imubit’s vision and culture with clients and partners.
  • Leverage Imubit’s momentum with the largest players in the market and penetrate new ones.
  • Identify, qualify, and build relationships with relevant influencers and decision makers.
  • Understand the fundamental uniqueness of Imubit’s technology, product, and service model.
  • Learn the limitations of incumbents technologically and economically.
  • Master Imubit’s unique business strategy to optimize plants using its proprietary technology.
  • Inspire engineers, managers and company leaders with technology unlike anything they have ever seen before.
  • Grow to be the clients’ trusted advisor for next-generation process optimization.
  • Create a sales motion for a whole new product category.
  • Cooperate with Imubit’s process experts in mapping and prioritizing optimization opportunities.
  • Manage all account phases, including introduction, pilots, proposals, closing, and scaling.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients on the definition of ROI metrics.
  • Campaign proven ROI to maximize client satisfaction from and scaling of Imubit’s technology.
  • Obsess about client satisfaction and ROI maximization.
  • Collect client feedback and take responsibility for product and service improvement.
  • Work with Implementation, Product and Marketing teams on case studies and collateral.
  • Plan and execute Imubit industry meetings and user forums.
  • Present and speak at industry conferences.

This position will be opening up soon. Check back in the future to submit your resume.