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Imubit’s Closed Loop Neural Network Platform is an AI process optimization solution that directly controls refineries and chemical plants to maximize profit while managing energy efficiency, safe operating limits, and sustainability objectives.

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Optimize Collaboration to Maximize Yields

Reduce Energy and Achieve Sustainability Objectives


Digitally Transform to Achieve Operational Excellence


Imubit’s Closed Loop Neural Network™ Platform allows domain experts to:


  • Leverage data from a variety of plant data sources
  • Visualize, manipulate and prepare data for model training
  • Explore and identify dynamic process relationships learned by Deep Learning AI models trained on true historical plant data

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“No other company has been able to show us the non-linear dynamic relationships that exist at my plant and that the model has learned these relationships.”

Large Refiner | Company Engineering Specialist


  • Develop Reinforcement Learning models to extract discovered value using Imubit’s patented Deep Learning Process Control (DLPC) technology

  • Deploy models on-site to execute operating strategies minute-by-minute through direct control of the plant

  • Visualize real-time value generation, change constraints and targets all on-premises

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“What Imubit really offers us as a site is a way to connect a lot of systems and make it easier for our operators to work across systems to optimize the plant to a higher state.“

Large Petrochemical Company | Business Director of Process Control Transformation


  • Access control and optimization dashboards to understand all aspects of model performance

  • Analyze model decisions and update model tuning

  • Rationalize model decisions by running through “what-if” simulations

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“The applications allow you to interact with the models and explain what models have learned. This helps ease a lot of concern for those who do not understand controls and automation”

Large Refiner | Planning & Economics Manager

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