Rotary Kiln Optimization
with True AI

Oxbow maximizes yield by 1-3% while reducing
Natural Gas consumption by 15-30%

Their Challenge

As a world leader in petroleum coke calcination production, Oxbow is under pressure to optimize processes – to increase yield while reducing energy consumption. And with dramatic fluctuation in the composition of raw materials coupled with high velocity day-to-day plant variables, establishing a process to achieve this goal has proven elusive.

Our Solution

Imubit worked with Oxbow to implement a Closed Loop Neural Network solution, employing AI to deliver new control capabilities that could anticipate volatilities within the system and quickly adapt processes in order to compensate for them. With Imubit, Oxbow is able to optimize the dynamic operations of a Rotary Kiln and maximize yield and energy efficiency while meeting product specifications consistently.

See How It’s Working

“After Imubit’s evaluation, they presented our data in a way we had never looked at our data before. We were blown away!”

Kris Kissel-Weir
Vice President, Manufacturing Systems & Data Analytics

Ryan Glander headshot

“We wanted to maximize our yield, reduce our natural gas consumption, and maintain product consistency.”

Ryan Glander
Director, Product Applications

Billy Bishop headshot

“It’s looking ahead at the coke that’s not even in the kiln yet and preparing the kiln temperature to make the necessary R&D.”

Billy Bishop
Corporate Technical Manager

Ryan Piscopo headshot

“Every 5 minutes our variables are being manipulated to keep our process where it needs to be.”

Ryan Piscopo
Automation Engineering Manager

Jeff Oakley headshot

“It’s going to be difficult to retire soon knowing how much easier my job is with Imubit AI.”

Jeff Oakley
Control Room Operator

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