Delek US Captures Millions in Annual Value

Learn how this world-class refiner is leveraging Imubit’s AI process optimization solution to capture millions of dollars of annual bottom-line value while establishing a data-driven culture within their plants.

Unlock Untapped Value

Hear from Delek’s Senior Director on the opportunity that existed at Delek’s plants and how Imubit’s reinforcement learning models achieved total organizational adoption to capture untapped value.

Establish a Data-driven Culture

Hear from Delek’s Executive Vice President on how to build a digitilization strategy that is aligned with plant objectives and how Delek leveraged Imubit to establish a data-driven culture.

“On an annualized basis, we see millions of dollars of additional margin capture”

Kyle Kuchta

Delek | Senior Director, Business Transformation

Imubit is a major pillar of the technology kit that we will provide for our refineries.”

Ido Biger

Delek | EVP, Chief Technology and Data Officer

Optimizing Yield While Respecting Unit Constraints

Data Driven Open Loop Modeling for Plant-wide Optimization

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Untapped Value

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