Company Leadership

Prof. Nadav Cohen

Prof. Nadav Cohen

Chief Scientist

Nadav Cohen is the Chief Scientist of Imubit and an Asst. Professor of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. He is the inventor and scientific leader behind Imubit’s Deep Learning Process Control® Platform, an AI process optimization solution that helps hydrocarbon industry leaders discover and monetize new process optimization opportunities that were considered too complex until now.

Combining over 15 years of experience in science, engineering, industrial solutions and startups, his track record in artificial intelligence spans from mathematical theories addressing longstanding open questions, to operational systems generating hundreds of millions of dollars per year in incremental value.

With numerous publications in tier-1 machine learning venues (NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, COLT, CVPR), Nadav’s contributions to the theoretical understanding of deep learning have won him various honors, including being awarded the Google Doctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning. He is the director of Tel Aviv University’s Foundations of Deep Learning Lab, and actively advises, educates and mentors future generations of artificial intelligence and deep learning scientists, researchers and engineers.

Nadav earned a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Mathematics (both summa cum laude) at the Technion Excellence Program for Distinguished Undergraduates. He obtained his PhD (direct track) at the School of Computer Science and Engineering in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was a postdoctoral research scholar at the School of Mathematics in the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton.